The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience aka The MAX’s main goal is for local audiences to revisit their state’s history, cultural heritage, and homegrown talents: Elvis Presley, BB King, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Wright, William Dunlap, Jim Henson, James Earl Jones to name a few.

We designed a playful environment which recreates the classic landmarks of a Mississippian city: a church, a school, a home, a juke joint, an artist studio, a TV store, and a boat. Visitors can step in each of these environments and engage with one of the 19 immersive experiences. Throughout the galleries, visitors interact with cutting-edge technology and hear personal accounts from Mississippi artists about the importance of their home. The spaces examine the dynamic and reciprocal relationship between artists and place; for just as a place can shape an artist’s work, the presence of artists can influence a place—and inspire future artists down the road.


Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience 
Meridian, Mississippi, USA

Studio: Gallagher & Associates


Creative Leadership
Art Direction
Visual & User Interface Design
Testing & Quality Assurance


Interactive stations
Immersive films
Projection mapping
Machine Learning
Leap Motion
CMS & user takeaway micro- site

In the Juke Joint, people are greeted by the owner who takes them through BB King, Charley Patton or other local legends’ ascension to fame. They can also create and listen to their own fantasy band made of famous Mississippian musicians.

To create an experience that inspires future generations of authors and writers and dives deep into the question, “Where does inspiration come from?,” we designed an immersive Writers’ Studio to introduce the writings of three of Mississippi’s (and the world’s) most notable authors: John Grisham, Richard Wright, and Eudora Welty.

In the School Yard, young visitors are mentored by legends such as Elvis Presley sharing real personal stories from their salad days.

In the kitchen, visitors learn the origins and secrets of classic recipes by interacting with plates on a real-time projected table.

The Cultural Trails take visitors on a road trip across Mississippi. Users can walk away with curated trails sent to their phones, or printed on a map.


Exhibit & Media Design: Gallagher & Associates
Software Development: Gallagher & Associates, Mind Over Data, Takuan.
Fabrication & Hardware Integration: Salomon Group
Architect: LPK