Sophisticated Spirits


Sophisticated Spirits is a standout multimedia experience at the Sazerac House in New Orleans. The experience uses a traditional bar with an interactive touch table and an ultra-high-resolution display to introduce people to modern-day New Orleans cocktail culture. Visitirs are invited to sit down, choose a drink, and enjoy a virtual cocktail mixed up by a master mixologist. Connecting with their stories, mixing methods, and balance of ingredients, visitors leave feeling inspired to try and hopefully  make something new at home.


Sazerac House
New Orleans, LA

Studio: Gallagher & Associates


Creative Lead
Art Direction (Digital & Set Design)
Execution, Prototyping


As a creative Lead on the project and Art director, part of my role was to guide the teams in concepting, testing and producing this experience, ensuring the ntegration of physical and digital to create a unified feel across the exhibits, while incorporating four distinct bar “scenes” along the continuous physical bar top with sound bleed.

I created the set designs to capture the essence of four quintessential new Orleans-style bars, without appearing to identify with any establishments within the city,  coordinated the film transitions between the display and the touch screen for a seamless appearance as bartender passes props between them and working with local talent agencies to find actors that would feel and act like authentic New Orleans expert bartenders. 


Design & Execution: Gallagher & Associates
Integration, Fabrication: Solomon Group