In the Artist Studio

Transforming visitors into creators.

In the Artist Studio, visitors learn through the act of making. This series of two interactive exhibits features Mississippi painters and potters and provides an experience that encapsulates the unique perspective and creative process of each of the artists.   Visitors are invited to explore each artist’s story through the lens of their artwork and to learn about their style, methods, and sources of inspiration. Then visitors can dive into a hands-on experimentation with a notable artistic technique of each artist using gestural and touch screen interaction. Visitors can then save and share their creation.

These simulations give people the sensation of making something, so they understand the process and the purpose behind the finished product. In the end, it’s about building confidence that they can dip their hands into it.


Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience
Meridian, Mississippi

Studio: Gallagher & Associates


Creative Lead
Art Direction
Look & Feel


Leap motion
Digital pen
2D/3D motion graphics

The best way to understand the artist is to study their postures, tools and hands-on process.  We firmly believe that pottery needed a seated experience where the user will learn about an artist and try to replicate the hand movement to create a pottery piece. The use of the leap motion helps us simplify the accuracy of the final art piece. In painting, we focus on the brush to translate the emotion and intention of the artist into the visitor’s hands.


Exhibit, Media Design & Software Development: Gallagher & Associates