Cyber Infinity Room

An immersive narrative experience in a mirrored room creates an endless digital landscape that tells the story of cyber warfare.

From this simulated “cyber landscape,” visitors understand that our networked world, though it may be more convenient than ever, is also more vulnerable. This immersive film demonstrates how the line between the digital and the physical is blurring. It will raise questions we all need to consider and explores how experts in the field are adapting to this uncharted territory.

©Photo:The Washington Post

My role was to lead the visual design direction and look and feel in the concepting and design development phase of the project, assessing the overall visual language, via colors, fonts, particles and mirroring systems in this unusual setup and scale. My process was to start with inspirationnal moodboards and 2D visual mockups, then prototype to see how the wall and ceiling projections will reflect on the other mirrored surfaces. We partnered with award-winning UK-based Territory Studio who designed all the motion and 3D to bring our vision to life.


International Spy Museum
Washington DC, USA

Studio: Gallagher & Associates


Art Direction
Look & Feel


Projection mapping
Depth Camera
2D/3D motion graphics
Unity / Prototyping

Moodboards and concept sketches I  created in photoshop.

This 4 min film is composed primarily of interviews with sparse narration. We used a high definition video camera combined with a depth sensor camera to capture a 3D image of each interviewee. This allowed us to transition between interviewees, imagery, illustrations, and text with particle-like transitions, giving the sense of merging into and out of a cyber environment.

Our creative tech team started prototyping in RGB-D technology which pairs (or syncs) a depth data stream from a Microsoft Kinect v2 with a 4k video stream from a standard DSLR camera. It is also known as “volumetric filmmaking” and has been utilized in sci-fi feature films. Additionally, we prototyped this room in Unity/VR to allow our teams to review projections and visuals scale.


Exhibit, Media Design & Software Development: Gallagher & Associates
Film, Motion & 3D graphics production: Territory Studio