Hi, I’m Julie, a Visual Experience Design Director at G&A in NYC.

Working with Exhibits, Content, UX & Tech teams, I lead the art direction & design of immersive digital experiences in physical spaces for Museums & Brands.

I believe in visual, motion, sound and touch design to reconnect people with their senses. I get satisfaction from solving design challenges and creating experiences that aren’t just appealing but start conversations and make a positive impact on the communities.

With over 10+ years of experience in interface design and a degree in 3D graphics & Motion design, I have explored a lot of creative fields and hold a strong comprehension of the processes and requirements of interactive experiences in large-scale projects.

Prior to my current position, I worked in Paris for renowned R&D departments in the automotive and luxury industries and led creative projects on the future of in-car interface design for PSA Group premium and concept cars. Before that, I also art directed print and digital projects for Louis Vuitton’s Innovation & Environment Lab, while working on the side as an illustrator for fashion trends bureau, events, press, and magazines.

Connect on LINKEDIN — Send an email at  jflechoux@gmail.com

I also do …

Interior Design

I have a passion for vintage home furnishing and collect objects all over the globe. See how my partner and I transformed our loft in Argenteuil, right outside of Paris.

 ⟶ Read article on Houzz

Art curation

I art directed and curated for 4 years an Art Fair event in Paris, a 2 days event mixing digital and traditional art forms with live music and performances.

 ⟶ See lequ4tre.fr


I lived in Tokyo, Japan for a year and launched with my partner a limited screen-printed t.shirt and tote bag brand with my illustration work.

 ⟶ See designs here

Awards + Talks
Communicating the Arts Conference Montreal
Case study: The MAEEX experiential design
Communicating the Arts Grand prix
Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience (MAEEX)
SEGD Honor Award Digital Content
‘Inside the Writer’s mind’, The MAEEX, Mississippi
IDCA Silver Award
Witte Museum of Natural History
GOLD Horizon Interactive
City of Hope Museum
Eyeo Festival Show & Tell
The Wishing Tree